Express Harlequin RIP Apps

The Express RIP is complimented with a family of software for various print applications.


Imposition for Digital Production

SmartImpose is an imposition software for digital printing presses and digital finishing equipment such as inline splitting, cutting, folding and gluing. SmartImpose can put together a document from one or more PDF files and pages from images such as TIF, JPG and PNG. SmartImpose output imposed document as PDF files.

SmartImpose is designed for -

  • Roll-fed (continuous feed) digital presses.

  • Sheet-fed digital presses.

SmartImpose supports the following binding methods -

  • Perfect-Bound

  • Saddle-Stitched

  • Section-Sewn

SmartImpose supports marks for digital print production -

  • Control Marks for inline finishing equipment.

  • Barcodes for copy and folio identification.

  • Ink Spit Bar for cleaning inkjet nozzles.

  • Standard Marks - Crop, Register, Collation, Fold, Custom, Labels.

SmartImpose supports various ways of orientating the back surfaces to handle different kinds of duplexers -

  • Flip paper horizontally

  • Flip paper vertically

  • Rotate 180 degrees

SmartImpose supports various ways to handle the output sequence -

  • For perfect bound or saddle-stitched, the user can choose the print all signatures in normal or reverse order.

  • For section-sewn, the user can also choose to print the folios in normal or reverse order, and the sheets within the folio in normal or reverse order.

  • The user can choose to print front first then back, or back first then front.

SmartImpose is available in 2 versions -

  • SmartImpose is for gathering PDF files for a document, configure the imposition then output the imposed PDF file. Imposition configuration can be by selecting a template that is already configured.

  • SmartImpose Auto works in automated mode and requires no human intervention other than configuring the software. PDF files dropped into a hot folder is imposed using the imposition setup associated to the hot folder, then the imposed PDF files saved to the output folder.



Variable Data Document Creation

Velocity is an easy-to-use layout software for creating variable data document. It is designed to create simple variable data document such as labels, hang tags, tickets, etc.. Velocity supports 4 types of variable elements - text, barcode (1D and 2D), image and color swatch. Velocity also supports one or more Roman and Unicode CSV database file.​

Velocity provides a comprehensive set of Script Functions. Scripts are created using an easy-to-use interface, and not by writing codes. Script functions include auto-numbering, formatting for numbers and strings, and conditional statement.

Velocity also provides Enhanced QR code which allows user to configure the colors of the eyes individually, the colors of the modules from a flat color, a vignette or an image. Users can also insert an image at the center of the QR code.

velocity - eqr.png

In addition, Velocity provide the Advanced Step & Repeat option to impose the variable data records on a roll or larger sheet. The option allows detailed specification of starting point of variable data, data flow direction, relative orientation for every label finish method.

velocity - imposed tickets.png

Plate Controller

Flexo & Offset Plate Make-Ready

If your printing facility is driven by a CTP system, we can save you time and money. Whether you have sheet-fed, web offset or flexo presses, Compose Plate Controller's  high precision job placement mode allows you to do special jobs such as step-and-repeat and box die-cuts and special shape labels as well as precision alignment for double-sided printing. Plate Controller supports both PDF as well as post-RIP file formats such as 1-bit TIFF, Harlequin PageBuffers and Compose NetFlow Raster files.

  • Powerful automatic or manual step-and-repeat features

  • Supports absolute or relative placement

  • Automatic alignment of front and back surfaces

  • Manual trim job function to remove white space surrounding jobs (for Flexo)

  • Auto trim job function to automatically trim all white spaces in an marquee area (for Flexo)

  • Can trim a job multiple times for different areas in the job

  • Save current layout as a template to be re-used for similar jobs

  • Create a layout from a template

  • Auto-pack PDF or 1-bit files to a template

  • Easy job preview in thumbnail, dimension and job name

  • PDF or 1-bit workflow 

Note -

  1. some functions are not available in PDF mode

  2. Cannot have PDF and 1-bit TIFF files on the same layout 

Plate Controller Trim Job Dialog

Plate Controller Trim Job Dialog



Print Production Solution for Express RIP & Windows Printer Drivers

PrintXPress is a print production solution for digital presses. With the PrintXPress client software on their computer, users can submit jobs to be printed via the Express RIP or via the Windows Printer Driver. Users can also view the jobs queue to be printed, and jobs that have been printed. If needed, a printed job can be re-submitted and print again.

Once jobs arrive at the server, PXP Central will render the jobs for printing and will manage the jobs queueing to be printed. After jobs are printed, they are inserted in the Held Queue for re-print.

PrintXPress maintains 4 job queues. The Active Queue contains jobs queueing to be printed. The Held Queue contains jobs already printed. Users can select jobs in the Held Queue to be re-printed. The Ready Queue contains submitted jobs but the user needs to specify when they are to be printed. The Error Queue contains jobs that caused error while being processed.


Spot Matcher

Accurate spot color reproduction For digital presses.

Spot Matcher is a spot color matching software designed for the Express RIP. Users can open PDF containing spot colors and Spot Matcher will generate a target for the selected spot color. Spot Matcher can then generate target sheet to be printed on the digital press. The user can then select the best match either visually or by measuring with X-RIte spectrophotometer and Spot Matcher will determine the best match from the delta-E values.

Once the best match is determined, the color values for the best color is written to the Express RIP color table. Next time the PDF is ripped, the spot color will be managed using the updated best color values.

  • Designed for Harlequin RIPs v9 or above (with ColorPro)

  • ​Match spot color by -

    • visual comparison

    • spectrophotometer measurement

  • Support spot colors specified in XYZ, CIELAB or CMYK

  • Support Pantone & Pantone Plus colors

spot matcher.png