Express RIP Products

The Express RIP is a family of products for different print applications.

Express RIP Editions

Depending on the type of printing you are doing, you may require a different edition of Express Harlequin RIPs. If you are printing to a CTP, you may need a High Res RIP. If you are printing to an inkjet press, you may need a Low Res RIP.

There are different editions of Express RIP for different applications.

Express RIP Options

There are different options for the Express Harlequin RIP which can be enabled to improve performance, turned on specialize screenings, or simply to add functionalities such as trapping, CIP3 output, simple imposition, or exporting die-lines.

Express RIP Plugins

Compose can develop plugins for your output file or your output device for the Express Harlequin RIP. However Compose provides ready made plugin to output TIFF files in 1-bit, of TIFF and BMP files in 1-bit, 2-bit, 3-bit or 4-bit. Compose also offers plugins for Epson SureColor and for many CTPs, printers and plotters.

Express RIP Apps

Compose provides a family of applications for imposition, variable data document creation, spot color matching, production monitoring, and flexo plate make-ready to compliment your Express Harlequin RIP.